Thursday, September 2, 2010

Some more rough animation

I've had a busy week getting stuck into some rough animation. My goal is to get all the remaining shots to at least a first rough animation pass by the end of the week. I'm finding that dropping the roughs into the edit really highlight strengths and weaknesses in both the overall story and the individual shots. I am planning to tweak a few shots as a result, whether it's extending a reaction or redoing an expression.

I realised that with Sam's head facing away from us, the connection to him is broken. I'll be redoing the animation so he faces the audience and we can see his expressions and hopefully his thoughts.

The shot of the girl and Sam as a mouse will be refined. I will be adding some more animation to the girls face, maybe include her nose scrunching. Most of the facial animation so far has been the characters smiling. While the script calls for happy expressions, that's all they seem to be doing and it's getting a tad repetitive. I want to put more variety into their expressions and hopefully flesh out their characters a bit more.

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